Monday, June 4, 2018

Trump "cancels" Philadelphia Eagles visit to White House

  This news comes on 6/4/2018. 6+4+20+18=48 Donald Trump=48
   Philadelphia=223 223 is the 48th prime. 

   More contrived news by the numbers. I've been following some of my family on social media who are Eagles fans, and they all think this is real! It's unreal how mind controlled the goy are in this country! SMH These athletes they worship like Gods are part of the very same problem Trump is! They're working together with Trump! Don't they get that? 


  1. And of course the Eagles won the 48th SB of the modern era. Great to pickup on the Trump/48 angle- how fitting there's big news about their visit to see Trump...

    I feel ya about the sheeples. I keep putting the simplest easiest to understand, way way beyond coincidence, stuff in front of people and they just don't get it. Some of that though, might be because they already know I think there's conspiracies afoot as I first went at them with this stuff when I was more into those angles, watching ZKH everyday, and I think they can't process that- they're like "why are these people doing this" and junk... and if I had just come at them with an attitude more like "hey, I can't explain this but this is really really weird check this out" maybe just maybe they'd be more receptive. Partly why I came up with the Way Beyond Coincidence name, I wanted to try and just put this stuff out there like, "hey, I don't know what this is but you have to admit it's way beyond coincidence!"... but anyway. Cheers!

  2. Sorry for the long wait to your reply. I just noticed it while going through my blog today.
    Yeah, it's just frustrating trying to wake the sheeple up. No one ever said it would be easy though right?