Saturday, April 28, 2018

Possible Super Bowl 55 rematch of Super Bowl 15 with the Raiders and Eagles?

Super Bowl 55 will be the 51st Super Bowl of the modern era. They were last against each other in Super Bowl 15. 15 is the mirror of 51.

Super Bowl 15 occurred at the end of the 61st season of the NFL. Philadelphia=61 Las Vegas Raiders=61 2020 will also be the Raiders 61st season as a franchise.

Super Bowl 55 will be played at the end of the 2020 season. The 2020 season will be the 101st season of the NFL. Philadelphia=101 Las Vegas Raiders=101

The Roman numerals for Super Bowl 55 are LV just like Las Vegas.

Super Bowl 55 will be played in Tampa. Tampa=51 Remember it will be the 51st of the modern era.

Tampa also connects to the last two Super Bowls the Raiders played in. The last Super Bowl they won was Super Bowl 18 which was played in Tampa. That will be 37 years later in 2021. The last Super Bowl they played in was Super Bowl 37 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That will be 18 years later in 2021.  37+18=55

Jon Gruden was the Buccaneers head coach in Super Bowl 37. Now, he is the Raiders coach. So, Gruden could potentially coach the Raiders, the same team he beat in SB 37, in SB 55 at the same stadium(Tampa) of the team he coached when he beat the Raiders.

The Raiders scored 269 points all time against the Eagles. 269 is the 57th prime number. Jon Gruden will be 57 when Super Bowl 55 occurs. Fifty Seven=131 Super Bowl=131 Championship=131

So, are we looking at a potential rematch of SB 15 with the Raiders and Eagles for SB 51? It looks like it from the numbers.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Fire at Trump Tower on 4/7
Today's date is 4/7 Trump=47 & 22 (Septenary) 4+7+2+0+1+8=22 Trump also equals 470 in the Jewish cipher.
4/7 is the reflection of 7/4 Holiday=74 Masonic=74
Today's date has also has numerology of 49. 4+7+20+18=49 America=49 Revelation=49
Trump=29 Fire=29 April=29 Trump=25 Fire=25
Trump Tower=56 All Seeing Eye=56 Washington D.C.=56 President=56 Society of Jesus=56 April=56