Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Death of Dominique Dunne by the numbers

Gematria of her last name.  Dunne=58 Secret Society=58
Her birth date: 11/23/1959   11+23+1+9+5+9=58   Freemasonry=58 Secret Society=58
11+23+19+59=112 Circle=112 Remember, the rings of Saturn form a circle.
She died in the hospital on November 4th. That is a span of 58 days left in the year.
She was also born in 59. Freemasonry=59 59 is the 17th prime. Kill=17 Talmud=17

Dunne also sums to 77 & 22. Power=77, 22, & 58 Secret Society=77 Judaism=77 Zionist=77

The high school that she attended has interesting Gematria.
 Fountain Valley High School=119, 115
All Seeing Eye=119   Star of David=119   Orthodox=119

 Her ex-boyfriend who physically abused her was said to have killed her.
Domestic Abuse=46
Dominique=46 & 107   Sacrifice=46
Ritual Sacrifice=107

Her cause of death was strangulation.
81 is the 18th prime number.
Eighteen=46 & 73
Sacrifice=46 & 73

D=4 D=4  44   Kill=44

Dominique Dunne=69
She died a span of 347 days after her birthday. 347 is the 69th prime number. Illuminati=69 Saturn=69

Dominique Dunne=213
213 is the area code for West Hollywood. That was where she lived when she was killed.
Death=213 (Satanic)

Her date of birth 11/23/59= 93
Dominique Ellen Dunne (her full name)=93 Saturn=93
Sweeney (her killer’s last name)=93

Sweeney was said to have strangled her to death.
Strangle=96 Freemason=96
Dominique Ellen Dunne=96

John Sweeney=53 & 46
Dominique=53 & 46

David Packer’s birth date numerology (her friend she was with the night she was killed)
8/25/1962    8+2+5+19+62=96  

She was 22 when she died. She and David Packer were rehearsing scenes from V (the mini-series) at her home the night she was attacked. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.

She died on November 4th, the 308th day of the year. 308 can be a 38 in numerology.
She was also born on November 23rd. Leaves 38 days in the year.

There was also predictive programming encoded in to this. In her very first role she played a hitchhiker who was severely beaten.

  In another role, she played a teenager who was trying to figure out who was responsible for "haunting" the house her father owned. A magician in the show played a card trick with her. The one where you pick a card out of the deck and have to memorize what it is before putting it back in. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the card she picked out was the 4 of Spades. Remember, she died on the 4th. A spade is a shovel. Shovels are used to dig graves.

 In an episode of CHIPs, she was riding with a womanizer in the car. At one point, he grabbed her by the hair. That was also something that Sweeney was supposed to have done to her. Except this episode was filmed about a month or two before it happened in real life.

  In Hart to Hart, she was being held prisoner by a crooked sheriff who was going to kill her and frame her boyfriend. The sheriff said "killed by her boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage". That was exactly what the narrative reported why this guy killed her. That Hart to Hart episode aired on March 30,1982. That date is written 30/3 internationally. The night DD was strangled was October 30th. That is the 303rd day of the year. It's also a 33.

 In her last role, in Hill Street Blues, she played a teenage mom who was beaten up by her mom (child abuse). According to what was reported, those bruises she had in the episode were real from Sweeney beating her up the night before. That episode was filmed 33 days before she was put in the coma. It was filmed on 9/27/1982. That is a date of 38 numerology. The HSB episode was the 8th episode of the 3rd season. 

In the very last scene of Poltergeist, the camera moves down a few doors at the hotel the family goes to. When the camera begins to move away, it stops right at the room numbered 213, the number of death. Poltergeist was released on June 4th. That was a span of 22 weeks before she was murdered. She was 22 when she died. It was also 153 days. 153 is the 17th triangular number. 

Going back to 33. Abuse=33
Strangle=33 & 96
Sweeney=33 & 96
October Thirtieth=93

Domestic Violence=74, 88, & 1123 (Jewish Cipher)
Jewish=74 & 88
Masonic Ritual=88
1123 was her birthday.

Sweeney was said to be 26 when he did this.

If he did kill her, I"m thinking he may have been under mind control. Either MK Ultra or something else. According to what we were told, he witnessed his dad beating up his mom when he was a kid. If that's true, that means he obviously had mental and emotional issues. That would have made him a ripe target for mind control.
  Below, you'll see the dates he was supposed to have attacked her are too perfectly aligned to be random acts of violence. In my opinion, he was mind controlled to attack her on those dates.

It’s said that he was from Hazleton, PA. Hazleton=101
101 is the 26th prime number.

PA is also known as the Keystone state. Keystone=33 & 39
Masonry=33 & 39, & 105

Sweeney was also said to be a chef. Chef=22   Dunne=22   

Dominique Dunne was said to be 5'1" and 112 lbs.  when she died.
112 is the alternate dialing code for 911.

The Judge who presided over the trial was Burton S Katz.
Burton S Katz=167
167 is the 39th Prime number.     Masonry=39
His initials were B & K. The 2nd and 11th letter. That looks like a 211. 211 is the 47th prime. Judge=47
Katz=58, 23, & 611(Jewish Cipher)

The attorney for Mr. Sweeney was Michael Adelson.
Michael=33, 39 &  51
Masonry=33 & 39
Michael Adelson=77, & 611(Satanic Cipher)
Zionist=77 Judaism=77

The woman that testified against Sweeney was named Lillian Pierce. Sweeney was said to have abused her before he met Ms. Dunne.
Lillian=33, 48, & 69

Lillian Pierce=226 
Lillian Pierce=119 in the Jewish Ordinal
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93 The number of Saturn
John Thomas Sweeney=226 in the Jewish Ordinal

I could put down all the people involved with the trial, but you would just keep seeing the same numbers again and again. This makes me think the "trial" was nothing but a theater show.

 The trial ended on September 21, 1983 9+2+1+1+9+8+3=33

The Jail Sweeney was held in was in Susanville, California. Susanville=136
136 is the 16th triangular number.
Sixteen=33, 96. & 93
Sweeney=33, 96, & 93
Dominique Ellen Dunne= 96, 93, & 75
John Thomas Sweeney=96 & 93, & 75
New World Order=75
Order out of Chaos=75

Strangely enough, I found that the dates Sweeney attacked Dominique Dunne were all synched up with her dad's birthday. She was strangled the day after her dad's 57th birthday.
Conspiracy=57 Scottish Rite=57

August 27th was the first time she was “attacked”. The 239th day of the year. 239 is the 52nd prime. NWO=52. That was a span of 64 days before her dad’s birthday. Dominick Dunne=64 Scottish Rite=64 in the Septenary. It was also 64 days before Oct. 30th which was when she was put in the coma. August 27th  was also 2 months 27 days before her birthday, just like Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 

 The second time she was attacked by Sweeney was September 26th & 27th. That was when Yom Kippur started in 1982, which is the most sacred holiday on the Jewish Calendar. The 26th is the 269th day of the year. 269 the 57th prime. 33 days before her dad’s 57th birthday. The day she died, Nov. 4th., leaves 57 days in the year. 

 The 27th was also the Jesuit Order’s birthday. Dominick John Dunne=84 Jesuit=84. The 27th was also 33 days before Oct 30th. It was also 1 month 27 days before her birthday just like Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It was also 57 days before her birthday. So, it was a span of 33 days before her dad's 57th birthday, and 57 days before hers. 

She wasn't attacked on September 27th, but that was when it was said she filmed the Hill Street Blues episode. As I said earlier, that was where the bruises on her face were said to be real. 

9/27/1982 also had 137 numerology. 137 is the 33rd prime. A span of 33 days before her dad's birthday and 33 days before October 30th. 

It also had 119 numerology or 911 backwards. How fitting that she was a guest star on a police show on that date. 

It was also 52 days before the episode aired. NWO=52 

It aired on November 18th. That is the 322nd day of the year. That's the skull & bones number.  Also 223 backwards. 

Also, I'm not implying her dad was a Jesuit. In reality, I don't know if he was or not. I just found it interesting that the Jesuit Order's birthday was a part of the ritual, and his full name summed to 84 just like Jesuit. I can confirm one of his relatives was a Jesuit, and he was Catholic. 

It's a strong possibility she was sacrificed for her dad. 

For some interesting connections to 9/11. 

The car that she drove was a 68 Volkswagen Bug. 68 was a very special year for the  Masons because that was when construction began on the World Trade Center. As we all know, 33 years later 9/11 happened. Also, 68 was when 911 was made the emergency dialing code.
   Her dad was supposedly in New York the night she was strangled. The New York Jets won their first and only Super Bowl appearance in 68. The New York Jets lost in the AFC Championship in the 82 season. Jets were supposed to have hit the WTC towers on 9/11.        
Her debut was in 79. 79 is the 22nd prime number. She was 19. She died at the age of 22, 19 days before what was said to be her next birthday. Also, 79 was 22 years before 9/11. It aired in September 79, around 22 years exactly before 9/11. There were “supposedly” 19 hijackers on 9/11. 97 is the reflection of 79. 97 is the 25th prime number. Death=25   From the date she died to 9/11 was 226 months. February 26th was when the "first" WTC bombing happened in 93.