Friday, March 30, 2018

Some Organic Matrix Material and a Pattern I Discovered

 I moved into the house I'm currently living in on April 5th. 4/5

   My dad was born in April, the 4th month. My mom was born in May, the 5th month. 4/5 The reflection of 54   Love=54   

   Also, I discovered something the other day. I noticed when you count April 5th as the first day of the first month, it leads to March 5th being the 11th month. Ex: March 5 would be the 11th month 1st day. March 6th the 11th month 2nd day and so on. It ends on April 4th, and begins all over again on April 5th.

    Another pattern that coincides with the above paragraph is one that begins on May 5th and ends on May 4th. If you count May 5th as the first day of a year. May 6th as the second day, etc. It leads to March 1st, it is the 301st day of a year when May 5th is counted is the first day. March 2nd would be the 302nd day, March 3th the 303rd, etc. For a full rundown:
 March 4th 304th day
 March 5th 305th day
 March 6th 306th day
 March 7th 307th day
 March 8th 308th day
 March 9th 309th day
 March 10th 310th day
 March 11th 311th day
 March 12th 312th day
 March 13th 313th day
 March 14th 314th day
 March 15th 315th day
 March 16th 316th day
 March 17th 317th day
 March 18th 318th day
 March 19th 319th day
 March 20th 320th day
 March 21st 321st day
 March 22nd 322nd day
 March 23rd 323rd day
 March 24th 324th day
 March 25th 325th day
 March 26th 326th day
 March 27th 327th day
 March 28th 328th day
 March 29th 329th day
 March 30th 330th day
 March 31st 331st day

  As you can see when May 5th is counted as the first day of a year. The month of March perfectly synchs with the corresponding days. This sequence ends on May 4th. That is the mirror of 4/5. Both sequences only happen when April 5th is counted as the first day. Wild isn't it?

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