Monday, March 19, 2018

How The Long Noses Mock and Program the Masses

As you can see, these are on the side of a Marshall's around where I live. In case you don't know, Marshall's is a mega department store chain. I love how they have a check marked in the box next to DREAM. That describes the masses in this country to a tee. They live in a dream world!  I also have to laugh how they have REPEAT at the end. As I said, this is how they program us like robots to do the same thing every day and not question anything!

One last note: Marshall's=59 (RR)  Freemasonry=59 (RR) 
Marshall's also equals 103 (O) The 27th prime number. Ritual=27 (RO) Speaks for itself doesn't it?


  1. Joan:

    This reminds me of the movie "They Live". The scene when the actor(Roddy Piper) puts on the sunglasses and all is revealed.
    The department stores are owned and operated by one corporation. They give them different names to deceive the masses. When you shop at Macy's/Bloomingdale's/JC Penney/Nordstroms, etc., you are shopping at the same store.

    The letter "W" and "M' are the same(W/M), only a different pronunciation. "MARS-HALLS"/"WASH-ALL"(or BRAINWASH ALL).

    "Department Store"=67- Octal is "103"
    "They Live"=41
    "Roddy Piper"41
    "Forty One"=46(Full Reduction) Like "Deception" & "Trickery"

  2. Correction: "Roddy Piper"=67(Full Reduction)
    "Dream"=41(Eng.Ordinal) and 67(Francis Bacon)

    1. Hi Marian, Thank you for replying.
      I'm not Joan. I'm Michael. I know her blog layout looks identical to mine. I can see why you would get confused. lol
      They Live was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. That's why I took the pictures and put it on my blog.
      Yes, you are right about the department stores(and everything else) posing as being different when they're all the same.
      That's interesting what you said about Marshall's being an anagram for Brainwash all.
      Thank you for your input. You've taught me something as well.

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    3. So sorry Michael, thanks for clearing that up.
      Yes, I love anagrams, I'm learning that these individuals hide what they do within the names they give to themselves,places and even things. The word "DEPART"(Depart-ment) means to leave, go away or retreat from, isn't that interesting?

    4. No worries. We all make mistakes.
      Yes, that is very interesting.