Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First Rant and why the Global Monetary System needs to be abolished

    When most of us attend college or university, we likely apply for a loan from the government. They then expect us to pay the loan back. Now, when we have a job, we get a paycheck. What do we do with the money we get from that paycheck? We use that money to spend it on stuff right? So, we get paid only to give it back to the corporations and government (through taxes). To me that sounds just like a loan! That's right! That money we get paid for our "jobs" is and never was "our money"! It's always been theirs! They just loan it to us knowing we'll eventually have to pay it back! These scumbags control the money with the Federal Reserve and use us for slaves!
    What makes it even better is no matter what the tax rate is on corporations, it doesn't hurt them! We should know corporations already give money to the government and the elites because they are the elites! Taxes never have hurt the elites! You could tax the elites a billion dollars. They have so much money it still doesn't hurt them. When you hear these puppet politicians talk about raising taxes on corporations saying "We want them to pay their fair share." It's BS. However, taxes DO hurt US because they make us poorer! Isn't it funny the way that works. It's a sham and a joke! The long nose Jews that run the world know this, and they laugh their asses off at us. They love mocking the goyim.
    Of course, the truth movement already knew this. As for the people that didn't, I'm surprised none of them have seen this before. It's so obvious. This isn't only just an American problem. It's a world problem.
   The best way to eliminate this problem is to abolish the global monetary system. That's how the Zionist Freemasons keep control of the world population, and why the monetary system was created to begin with. We get rid of the monetary system, we end the slave system.
    Now you're going to ask, "What do we replace it with?" We replace it with.......nothing. We especially don't replace it with an RFID chip that they can use to track our every movement and keep us even more enslaved. Instead, everything will be free and readily available to us. That's the way it should have always been. None of us were ever meant to be slaves! We were always meant to be free human beings!

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