Thursday, September 20, 2018

Possible connection with Tisha B'Av 2019 and Presidential Selection Day 2020

  As most of us already know, Tisha B'Av will be on August 11th, 2019. It is speculated by many of us that the dome of the rock in Israel is going to be destroyed in a false flag ritual.

  I've found some interesting connections from that date to November 3rd, 2020. That is Presidential selection day in the US. 

  From August 11, 2019 to November 3rd, 2020 is 1 year, 2 months, 23 days. I see a 223 in there.  Also, if you take the 3 and both 2s in 2020, you get 322, or 223 backwards.

   Also, Jewish prophecy states that the Jewish Messiah will come out of the Golden Gate.
   Golden Gate=45
   From  August 11th, 2019 to November 3rd, 2020 is 450 days. Another 45!
    11/3/2020 has numerology of 45! It also has numerology of 54, the reflection of 45. 11/3/2020/ has numerology of 9. 45 is the 9th triangular number.

  The date 11/3 is written 3/11 or 311. 311 is the 64th prime number. Israel=64
  Also, from August 11th, 2019 to November 3rd, 2020 is 64 weeks.

Update: I just realized 8/11/2019 has 58 numerology. November 3rd is the day that leaves 58 days in the year. Yet another connection!

     I don't know what all of this means, but there is no way all of this is a coincidence.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A couple observations about Jim Plunkett and Joe Montana

This post is more of an observation than a decode.

   I noticed that before Jim Plunkett joined the Raiders, he used to play for the 49ers. What makes that so interesting is Plunkett won Super Bowl XV with the Raiders and was named SB MVP. He wore the jersey no. 16.
   Joe Montana won Super Bowl XVI the following year, and he wore jersey no. 16. He was also named SB MVP.

   Just two years later the Raiders won Super Bowl XVIII and scored 38 points. The following year, the 49ers won Super Bowl XIX. They scored 38 points too.

   So, in 4 out of 5 years, the Raiders and 49ers won the SB in back to back seasons. Both QBs wore 16 and were MVP. The next time they won it back to back they scored 38 points.

   What are the odds?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Crash of American Airlines Flight 191 May 25, 1979

This was an American Airlines flight that crashed seconds after take off at Chicago O'Hare Airport.  Allegedly, one of the engines got loose and fell from the plane as it was taking off. The plane could never get enough altitude and crashed at the airport.

The first thing that should jump out is the flight number. 191 That's 911 shuffled, and adding 9+1+1=11 American Airlines' initials are AA like two 11s. Remember there was a flight 11 on 9/11, which supposedly crashed into the North Tower.
 American Airlines=110  One Nine One=110  The numerology of the date: 5+2+5+19+79=110
 The World Trade Center Towers stood 110 stories high. The make of the plane was a DC-10 DC=11

191 is the 43rd prime number. One Nine One=43 Airport=43 D & C the 4th & 3rd letters.

DC=47  O'Hare=47  Airport=47

It happened in 79. 79 the mirror of 97 Plane Crash=97 Death=97 
97 is the 25th prime. O'Hare=25 The crash happened on the 25th.

It took off on Runway 32 at 3:02 PM.

The plane took off at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, and its destination was Los Angeles in California. Chicago=37 Los Angeles=37
O'Hare=88 California=88

 79 is the 22nd prime. May 25th is the day that leaves 220 days in the year. The captain of the plane was said to have 22,000 hours flight experience. 79 was 22 years before 9/11. As we know 22 is the master builder number, and I don't think it's too hard to figure out what they were building up to.

 I found that an author named Judith Wax had a book released that year. She was a passenger on this flight. In the book on page 191, she talked about her fear of flying. I suppose this is all just a coincidence though.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The "Crash" of PSA Flight 182 September 25, 1978


This was a commercial airline that collided with a Cessna over San Diego, California. The airline hit the Cessna with its wing, and both ended up crashing into the ground below. It was supposedly caused by poor communication with the pilots of the airline, the Cessna, and Air Traffic Control.

 First, the abbreviation for the Airline: PSA  P=16 1+6=7  S=19 1+9=10  1+0=1  A=1   You've got 7, 1, & 1 left. Add those up 7+1+1=9 
Now, the flight number. 182  1+8+2=11    There's a 911  Gee, who would have thought?
  Also, 182 has to do with California=182

   Pacific Southwest Airlines=113 
   9/25/1978 was a date with 113 numerology. 9+2+5+19+78=113
  The fatality count was 144 the 12th Fibonacci number. Twelve=113 (Francis Bacon)

   The impact happened over the 32nd meridian in San Diego.
   The Cessna crashed on Polk Avenue between 32nd St., and Iowa St. 9/25/1978 was a date with 131 numerology. 9+25+19+78=131 131 is the 32nd prime number.
   Polk Avenue=41  9/25/1978 had 41 numerology. 9+2+5+1+9+7+8=41
      It was reported that 22 homes were destroyed or impacted by the debris. 22 is the master builder number. 
    What makes this really interesting is this event was actually foreshadowed a few months earlier on a TV show called Emergency. The episode was called "Survival on Charter #220" What's even crazier is IMDB lists the airing of the episode as March 25, 1978, exactly six months before it happened. 

  Survival on Charter #220=226  It was exactly 26 weeks and 2 days from the time the episode aired to the actual event.

   Also, Survival on Charter #220=107 3/25/1978 had numerology of 107  3+2+5+19+78=107

  Survival on Charter #220=233  233 is the 13th Fibonacci number.  Remember, Polk Avenue=41 The date had 41 numerology. 41 is the 13th prime.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Another possible Eagles SB win for Super Bowl 65 at the end of the 2030 season?

Okay, I know this is waaaaaaay off in the future. lol I just got curious because all of the Eagles championships revolved around the number 98. I realized 2030 would be the Eagles 98th season as a franchise.

   Their first championship came on 12/19/1948 

    Their second: 12/18/1949

   Their third: 12/26/60

 As you can see, all their championships pre SB era came on dates with 98 numerology.
  Of course this past season was the 98th season of the NFL, and they won their first ever SB.

  Super Bowl 65 will be at the end of the 2030 season. Philadelphia=65
   Also, it will be the 61st SB of the modern era. Philadelphia=61

   It would be played on February 2nd, 2031. That is the 33rd day of the year, and the Eagles franchise was established in 1933.

  As stated above, it would also be the Eagles 98th season as a franchise. 

  Is there anything to this, I don't know. I just thought it was very interesting how from this long out, there seems to be some synchronicities there.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

9/11 Predictive Programming in Star Trek 2,3, & 4

In my last blog post, I showed how 9/11 was coded into the Enterprise. This work will go even deeper into it.

  First, let's do Star Trek 2, or as it's more commonly known, The Wrath of Khan. The movie starts out with two members of the crew from the U.S.S. Reliant go to a planet in the Ceti Alpha system. They find Khan and many of his followers are still alive there after being marooned by James T. Kirk (the captain of the Enterprise) years earlier. The planet is a dead and barren wasteland with never-ending sandstorms. Below is a screenshot of it.

Gee. Doesn't this look familiar?    A desert with sandstorms?    Reminds you of Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in general in the Middle East right?

 Anyway, here's a screenshot of Khan's crew on the planet.
 Dressed in robes with what look like burkas on their heads? 

As for Khan himself, his full name is Khan Noonien Singh. The character is from the Middle East originally.
 Khan Noonien Singh=75 & 87
 Muslim=75 & 87
Ceti Alpha=75

Moving on, Khan's crew hijacks the U.S.S. Reliant and sets a course to get revenge on Kirk.  By the way:
 U.S.S. Reliant=39
Ceti Alpha=39

 A screenshot of Khan's crew on the Reliant.
 See the bands some of them are wearing on their heads? Again implying Muslims.

 Khan eventually finds the Enterprise and in a "surprise attack" seriously damages the Enterprise. Now, remember what I said about the Enterprise having 9/11 encoded in it? Khan, being a Muslim, "attacks" the Enterprise. The Enterprise in the original movies was a stand-in for the original World Trade Center!  Do you see where I'm going with this? 

 Later in the movie, Khan gets his hands on the Genesis Device, which in the film, is a missile that when detonated on a dead planet creates new life. At the end of the movie, the Enterprise damages the Reliant to the point that it's pretty much inoperable. As a last resort, Khan initiates the Genesis Device with the intent of blowing up the Reliant and the Enterprise. HA! Can anyone say "suicide bomber"? Anyway, the Enterprise escapes, and the Reliant gets destroyed.

 The movie was released on 6/4/1982
  Remember, September 11th is the day that leaves 111 days in the year.

  Now, onto Star Trek 3.

  The main "antagonists" in that film were the Klingons.

 Gee. They're brown skinned. I wonder why that is. So that makes two movies in a row that Muslims were shown subliminally in a bad light.

 In this movie, the Klingons want the Genesis device to protect themselves because they fear the United Federation of Planets will use it on them to wipe out their race. Sounds eerily familiar doesn't it? The United Federation of Planets was basically a stand in for the U.N. and NATO in Star Trek. Hasn't NATO been pillaging the lands of the Middle East for the last 70 years? Yet, they've conditioned the sheep that Muslims are the bad guys.

  Moving on, later on in the movie, the Klingons and the Enterprise have a confrontation, and the Klingons kill Kirk's son. Kirk than sets up a meeting with the Klingons on the Enterprise, but he's really setting up a trap for them. Kirk and his crew desert the Enterprise right before the Klingons arrive, but the Klingons discover Kirk started the self-destruct countdown on the Enterprise. It blows up with them on it. Again, another subliminal reference to "suicide bombing."

  Remember, the Enterprise was a stand in for the World Trade Center, so how fitting that the Enterprise gets "blown up" with Klingons, who are the stand in for Muslims, on it!

   Here are a few screenshots of the Enterprise's destruction.

Notice how right where the NCC-1701 is, which I said in the last post is encoded with 9/11, is non existent in that shot.

You have to love how they shove the encoded 9/11 right on our faces.

The final shot with the now destroyed World Trade Center, oops, I mean Enterprise.

  The release date for Star Trek 3 was 6/1/1984  Figures it would be 1984 right? HA!
6+1+19+84=110 There's your 11 again.

 And now for the best part....

  At the end of Star Trek 4, the crew of the Enterprise returns home and is rewarded with a brand new...wait for it....
Yep! A brand new Enterprise. Doesn't this seem like deja vu? The old Enterprise was destroyed, and a new one is built to replace the old one. Hmmmm... Sounds like the story of the World Trade Center to me. The original towers were destroyed, and a brand new one was built to replace it.

  There you have it folks. Before I woke up, I used to love Star Trek, which is how I know so much about the movies. Now, I can never look at them the same way ever again. None of this should be a surprise to anyone who's wide awake since Star Trek was created by a Jew. 

   One last note: Look at the logo for the United Nations and the United Federation of Planets.

     First the U.N.

  There's the United Federation of Planets. As you can see they are both identical. The mocking couldn't be any thicker.

Friday, July 6, 2018

9/11 encoded in the Enterprise from Star Trek

  Can you spot the hidden 9/11? 
  N=14 1+4=5 C=3 C=3   5+3+3=11  1+7+0+1=9   11-9    There's your 9/11.
  Also, Enterprise=141  Thirty-Three=141  Thirty-Three=66  66 was the year Star Trek first aired.
  Enterprise=47 (Septenary)
  47 degrees on the Masonic compass.
  Also, you have to love the CC or 33 too. Can you see the joke yet?  None of this should be a surprise since Star Trek was created by a Jew.

Monday, July 2, 2018

The New President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Andrés Manuel López Obrador=101 The 26th prime
The date of his election was 7/1/18 7+1+18=26
 26 letters in the Alphabet
 He is also known as AMLO, his initials. AMLO=101 in the Jewish cipher.
 You know it's funny. I read that many people are calling him "The Messiah" of Mexico. Makes what I typed above even more hilarious doesn't it? When are people going to wake up to the fact that these so called "outsiders" are just more puppet agents to dupe the masses that change will happen? If these people were truly outsiders, they would never be let in the door of politics, let alone become president of their respected countries.

 Moving on.

His birthdate: 11/13/1953
   Freemason=42 & 96

  He has been called an "Extreme Leftist" by many in the media.
   Leftist=330 (Jewish Cipher) There's your matching 33 to go with Mexico.

   When are people going to wake up?


Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Death of Former WWE Star Matt Cappotelli



Matthew Lee Cappotelli=86
Blood Sacrifice=86

Matthew Cappotelli=73 The 21st prime.

He was 38

His birthday was 11/12/1979
Revelation=49 & 121
November 12th is also the 316th day of the year.
That reminds me of John 3:16 from the Bible. Remember these ritual sacrifices all go back to the Bible. It’s a mocking.

His date of death was 6/29/2018
6 2+9=11  611 or 119 flipped upside down.
55 is the 10th Fibonacci number. Five fingers on both hands. 5+5=10 Remember these rituals are all “biblical”

It was 136 days from his death to what would have been his next birthday. 136 is the 16th triangular number.
Sixteen=33, 39, 93, & 96
Masonry=33 & 39

His wrestling persona was “The Flava”
The Flava=42

His “cause of death” is brain cancer.
Brain Cancer=74

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Some miscellaneous things I noticed about Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Poltergeist, and E.T.

 I noticed something very interesting about The Wrath of Khan. For those of you who have never seen it, at the end of the movie, Spock sacrificed himself to save the crew of the Enterprise. What's interesting is the movie was released on June 4th or 6/4. Internationally, the date would be written 4/6 or 46
Spock=64 Remember the movie was released on 6/4
Spock=213 in the Jewish cipher. Death=213 in the Satanic cipher.
Also, The Wrath of Khan=67 Blood Sacrifice=67
 If you've never seen the movie, death and sacrifice are major themes throughout. There's even a good mix of mind control in it too. In the movie, Khan uses small creatures to control a couple character's minds.

   Speaking of 213, in the very last scene of Poltergeist, the camera moves down a few doors at the hotel the family goes to. When the camera begins to move away, it stops right at the room numbered 213, the number of death. Remember, Dominique Dunne was the first, who was involved with the Poltergeist movies, to be sacrificed. 
Dominique Dunne=213
  Also, Poltergeist was released the same day as Wrath of Khan, 6/4/82.
 For my work on Dominique Dunne, check out my blog post from March.

   E.T. was released on 6/11/82. 611 is 119 flipped upside down. E.T. was said to be a representation of Jesus in the movie. He healed people in the movie. He even resurrected from the dead! HA!
 119 written in date form is 11/9, or 9/11. Many people say 9/11 is Jesus' birthday.
Also Resurrect=116 116 is how 6/11 would be written internationally.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Trump "cancels" Philadelphia Eagles visit to White House

  This news comes on 6/4/2018. 6+4+20+18=48 Donald Trump=48
   Philadelphia=223 223 is the 48th prime. 

   More contrived news by the numbers. I've been following some of my family on social media who are Eagles fans, and they all think this is real! It's unreal how mind controlled the goy are in this country! SMH These athletes they worship like Gods are part of the very same problem Trump is! They're working together with Trump! Don't they get that? 

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Mummers and their Masonic connection

I don't know how many of you are aware, but every year on New Year's Day, in Philadelphia, there's a major ritual celebration called The Mummers Parade.

According to Jewipedia, it traces back to the mid-17th century in Europe. Gee! What a coincidence. Europe was where modern Freemasonry began.

The following is an excerpt from Jewipedia:

The Mummers derive their name from the Mummers' plays performed in Philadelphia in the 18th century as part of a wide variety of working class street celebrations around Christmas. By the early 19th century, these coalesced with earlier Swedish customs, including the Christmas neighbor visits and possibly shooting firearms on New Year's Day (although this was common in other countries as well) as well as the Pennsylvania German custom of "belsnickling,"where adults in disguise questioned children about their behavior during the previous year.
U.S. President George Washington carried on the official custom of New Year's Day calls during the seven years he occupied President's House in Philadelphia. The Mummers continued their traditions of comic verse in exchange for cakes and ale. Small groups of up to twenty mummers, their faces blackened, went door to door, shooting and shouting, and adapting the English Mummer's play by replacing the character of "King George" with that of "General Washington."

We all know Washington was a 33rd degree Freemason, and it's funny how it seems to have started around Christmas. Remember Christmas is Saturnalia. Also, there's even a Fancy Brigade called Saturnalia. What are the odds?


 Parade=27 Ritual=27 Remember, all of these so-called "celebrations" are nothing but Masonic Rituals to dupe the gullible goyim.

The first "official" parade was held on January 1, 1901  191 is the 43rd prime. Masonic=43
Also, the date January 1st when written in number form is 1/1. There's an 11.

1+1+1+9+1=13  13 colonies. 13 stars on the original flag. 13 has a lot to do with the "founding" of this country.

There's a lot more info at the link below including a list of all the bands and brigades that perform. I'm sure if you did your own decoding you'll find a lot of masonic numbers.

Monday, May 21, 2018

According to CBS poll 67% percent of American Sheeple optimistic about finding a quality job
  I'm going to debunk this in a few short sentences.
     CBS the network with the "all seeing eye" as its logo. Yeah, we should definitely trust that.
     Forgive me if I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. 
     This economy is so f-ing fake it's not funny.
       The video in the link is 3:22. HA! The skull and bones number.
       Check out the actual poll questions PDF at the bottom of the page. It says 2023 adults were sampled! 223 The Synagogue of Satan number!
    And for good measure, check out this other BS.
   A teen accepted to 113 colleges and awarded 4.5 million dollars in scholarships.
   First of all, if you look at the picture of the girl shown, she definitely looks much older than 17. She looks at least in her early 20's. 
    4.5 million huh?  Scholarship=45 (Septenary)
    As for the 113. Bullshit=113 Pretty much sums up everything the Mainstream media spews out.

Friday, May 4, 2018

An interesting parallel I found with the term "Cash Cow" and Ritual

  You may remember in my last post, I used the example of jewelry and wedding rings, but it was a much bigger point about how the fake Jews take anything they can get their pudgy, slimy hands on to make a buck off of it.
This post is a short extension of the last one. I discovered something interesting about the term "cash cow".
Cash Cow=27
Now, this actually makes a lot of sense. We know the Jew Masons created these Masonic, unnecessary holidays (Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc) to milk whatever they can out of the goyim to keep us poor and keep themselves rich. These "holidays" are also rituals. Just like "weddings" are rituals. That's why they condition us from the moment we're born to take part in them.
Just one more note: Milk=27

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Possible Super Bowl 55 rematch of Super Bowl 15 with the Raiders and Eagles?

Super Bowl 55 will be the 51st Super Bowl of the modern era. They were last against each other in Super Bowl 15. 15 is the mirror of 51.

Super Bowl 15 occurred at the end of the 61st season of the NFL. Philadelphia=61 Las Vegas Raiders=61 2020 will also be the Raiders 61st season as a franchise.

Super Bowl 55 will be played at the end of the 2020 season. The 2020 season will be the 101st season of the NFL. Philadelphia=101 Las Vegas Raiders=101

The Roman numerals for Super Bowl 55 are LV just like Las Vegas.

Super Bowl 55 will be played in Tampa. Tampa=51 Remember it will be the 51st of the modern era.

Tampa also connects to the last two Super Bowls the Raiders played in. The last Super Bowl they won was Super Bowl 18 which was played in Tampa. That will be 37 years later in 2021. The last Super Bowl they played in was Super Bowl 37 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That will be 18 years later in 2021.  37+18=55

Jon Gruden was the Buccaneers head coach in Super Bowl 37. Now, he is the Raiders coach. So, Gruden could potentially coach the Raiders, the same team he beat in SB 37, in SB 55 at the same stadium(Tampa) of the team he coached when he beat the Raiders.

The Raiders scored 269 points all time against the Eagles. 269 is the 57th prime number. Jon Gruden will be 57 when Super Bowl 55 occurs. Fifty Seven=131 Super Bowl=131 Championship=131

So, are we looking at a potential rematch of SB 15 with the Raiders and Eagles for SB 51? It looks like it from the numbers.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Fire at Trump Tower on 4/7
Today's date is 4/7 Trump=47 & 22 (Septenary) 4+7+2+0+1+8=22 Trump also equals 470 in the Jewish cipher.
4/7 is the reflection of 7/4 Holiday=74 Masonic=74
Today's date has also has numerology of 49. 4+7+20+18=49 America=49 Revelation=49
Trump=29 Fire=29 April=29 Trump=25 Fire=25
Trump Tower=56 All Seeing Eye=56 Washington D.C.=56 President=56 Society of Jesus=56 April=56


Friday, March 30, 2018

Some Organic Matrix Material and a Pattern I Discovered

 I moved into the house I'm currently living in on April 5th. 4/5

   My dad was born in April, the 4th month. My mom was born in May, the 5th month. 4/5 The reflection of 54   Love=54   

   Also, I discovered something the other day. I noticed when you count April 5th as the first day of the first month, it leads to March 5th being the 11th month. Ex: March 5 would be the 11th month 1st day. March 6th the 11th month 2nd day and so on. It ends on April 4th, and begins all over again on April 5th.

    Another pattern that coincides with the above paragraph is one that begins on May 5th and ends on May 4th. If you count May 5th as the first day of a year. May 6th as the second day, etc. It leads to March 1st, it is the 301st day of a year when May 5th is counted is the first day. March 2nd would be the 302nd day, March 3th the 303rd, etc. For a full rundown:
 March 4th 304th day
 March 5th 305th day
 March 6th 306th day
 March 7th 307th day
 March 8th 308th day
 March 9th 309th day
 March 10th 310th day
 March 11th 311th day
 March 12th 312th day
 March 13th 313th day
 March 14th 314th day
 March 15th 315th day
 March 16th 316th day
 March 17th 317th day
 March 18th 318th day
 March 19th 319th day
 March 20th 320th day
 March 21st 321st day
 March 22nd 322nd day
 March 23rd 323rd day
 March 24th 324th day
 March 25th 325th day
 March 26th 326th day
 March 27th 327th day
 March 28th 328th day
 March 29th 329th day
 March 30th 330th day
 March 31st 331st day

  As you can see when May 5th is counted as the first day of a year. The month of March perfectly synchs with the corresponding days. This sequence ends on May 4th. That is the mirror of 4/5. Both sequences only happen when April 5th is counted as the first day. Wild isn't it?

Monday, March 19, 2018

How The Long Noses Mock and Program the Masses

As you can see, these are on the side of a Marshall's around where I live. In case you don't know, Marshall's is a mega department store chain. I love how they have a check marked in the box next to DREAM. That describes the masses in this country to a tee. They live in a dream world!  I also have to laugh how they have REPEAT at the end. As I said, this is how they program us like robots to do the same thing every day and not question anything!

One last note: Marshall's=59 (RR)  Freemasonry=59 (RR) 
Marshall's also equals 103 (O) The 27th prime number. Ritual=27 (RO) Speaks for itself doesn't it?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Decoding the Death of Skye McCole Bartusiak

 Skye McCole Bartusiak=69 (Reduced Ordinal) Illuminati=69 (Reverse Reduced)
 Skye McCole Bartusiak=213 (Ordinal)  Death=213 (Satanic)
 Skye McCole Bartusiak=1109 (Jewish) like 119 Star of David=119 All Seeing Eye=119 Master Plan=119 Blood Sacrifice=611(Satanic) or 119 flipped upside down.

Her Birthdate 9/28/1992 9+28+1+9+9+2=58 Freemasonry=58 Secret Society=58 Rosicrucian=58

The date she died 7/19/2014   
 7+19+2+0+1+4=33  Masonry=33

She died 10 weeks and 1 day after her birthday. That looks like 101 which is the 26th prime number. God=26 Torah=26

From 9/28/ to 7/19/ is 42 weeks Freemason=42

She died in Houston Houston=112 The alternate dialing code for 911.

Her "cause" of death was an overdose. Overdose=113 Not True=113 Dishonest=113 

The three drugs that were said to be the reason for her death.
Carisoprodol=64 Zion=64 Israel=64
Hydrocodone=116 or 911 flipped
Difluoroethane=153 the 17th Triangular number Mason=17 Kill=17


Monday, March 12, 2018

The Death of Dana Plato

Dana=46 (Jewish) Sacrifice=46
Dana Plato=84  Masonry=84 Zionism=84 United States of America=84
Dana Michelle Plato=151 151 is the 32nd prime number America=32 Jerusalem=32
 Her birthdate 11/7/1964  11+7+19+64=101 101 is the 26th prime. God=26  That is also the 311th day of the year
 She was born in 64. Zion=64 Thelema=64 Israel=64
 She died 5/8/1999    Freemasonry=58 Secret Society=58 Rosicrucian=58
  5+8+99=112 112 is the alternate dialing number for 911. Zionist=112
  5+8+1+9+9+9=41 41 is the 13th prime number. The date of her birth was 11/7 Thirteen=117
   She was 34 when she died. Murder=34
   She died in Moore, Oklahoma  Moore=30 Dana Plato=30
   Oklahoma=76 Blood Sacrifice=76
   It was said she died of an overdose. Overdose=113
    Not True=113
    The day before she died she was on Howard Stern talking about how she had been sober for more than ten years. The next day she was found dead from an "apparent" overdose, and it was determined a suicide. How can that be? Why would she be talking about how she was clean, and the next day she killed herself? That doesn't make any sense at all does it? 
    The fact that her body was cremated also seems very suspicious. Did they literally "burn the evidence"?  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Original King Kong Released in 1933

First, let's take a look at the obvious 1933.   Masonry=33   Secrecy=33 Order=33  New York=33  
The final scene involved the Empire State Building. Empire=33
Empire State=211 (Kabbalah) 211 is the 47th prime number. The film was released across the US on April 7th or 4/7.
 Masonic=74 Remember April 7th is written 7/4 internationally.
 April Seventh=59 Freemasonry=59
 Empire State Building=304. King Kong was released on March 2 in New York. March 2 is the 61st day of the year leaving 304 days in the year. March Second=59 
 As for why King Kong was a gorilla: King Kong=43 Gorilla=43 Masonic=43   
 Forgot to mention King Kong=223 (English Extended)  Synagogue of Satan=223                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Donald Trump in Moon Township, PA 3/10/2018

 So, Trump is in Moon Township, PA on March 10, 2018. The numerology of today's date: 3+10+20+18=51 Moon=51 (Reverse Ordinal) How fitting he's in "Moon" Township on this date.

 Moon Township=64 (Reduced Ordinal) Zion=64 (Ordinal) Israel=64 (Ordinal) Pennsylvania=64 (Reverse Reduced) Also, Moon Township=233 (Francis Bacon) 233 is the 51st prime number. Again, Moon=51 

Tomoyuki Tanaka: The Creator of Godzilla

 In yesterday's post I explained how the original name Gojira was connected to Freemasonry, and how the release date was predictive programming of the 3/11 incident in Japan. Now, let's take a look at the man who created Gojira.

 Tomoyuki=42 (Reverse Reduced)
 Tanaka=42 (Reverse Reduced)
 Tomoyuki Tanaka=42 (Septenary) 
 Freemason=42 (Reduced Ordinal)

 He was born on April 26, 1910. April 26th is the 116th day of the year. 116 is 911 upside down. Powerful=116 (Ordinal)
 Mason=26 (Reduced Ordinal S Exception)
 His birth date has numerology of 59. 4+26+19+10=59  Freemasonry=59 (Reverse Reduced)
 4+2+6+1+9+1+0=23  23 is the ninth prime number.

 He died April 2, 1997 or 4/2  Freemason=42  April 2nd was 24 days before his birthday. April 2nd is written 4/2 internationally.
April 2nd was 24 days before his birthday. April 2nd is written 4/2 internationally.
4+2+1+9+9+7=32  Freemason=32 (Septenary) 32 is also the mirror of 23. So he was born and died on numerological dates that were mirrors of each other. 
As you can see, he died in 97. Death=97 (Reverse Ordinal)
He was also 86. 86 is a major number of death with the Freemasons. Did you ever hear the phrase "Someone was 86ed"? That's where it comes from. Symbol=86 (Ordinal) Pyramid=86 (Ordinal) Triangle=86 (Ordinal)

 He died from a stroke. Stroke=88 (Ordinal) Masonic Ritual=88 (Reverse Reduced) Stroke=74 (Reverse Ordinal) Masonic=74 (Ordinal) 

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Signifigance of the Original Godzilla's Release Date and 33

       Let's take a look at the original Japanese Godzilla from 1954.
      That movie was known in Japan as Gojira.  Gojira=33 Masonry=33
   The release date for Gojira: 11/3/1954  11+3+1+9+5+4=33  
    Notice the year was 54 or the mirror of 45. We all know 1945 was when the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.  Atomic Bomb=93 Japan=93
    11/3 jumps out. 11/3 written internationally would be 3/11. Remember the 9.1 Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan on 3/11. The seventh anniversary is this Sunday.  The mocking is ridiculous! 
   Japan=93 Saturn=93 Propaganda=93
 HA! I just noticed today's date is 3/9 or 9/3 international.

Explosion 33km NW of Carlin, Nevada

 Apparently, there was a 2.5 Magnitude explosion 33KM NW of Carlin, Nevada. Masonry=33 Secrecy=33 I'm thinking it was another military weapons test. The question is WHAT were they testing.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How the deaths of Dominique Dunne and Heather O' Rourke were Ritual Sacrifices for Super Bowls 17 & 22

Dominique Dunne died on November 4, 1982. That was exactly 87 days before the Washington Redskins "won" their first ever Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sacrifice=87                                              That was Super Bowl XVII or 17. Mason=17 Kill=17

1/30/1983 was the date of Super Bowl 17. November 4th 1982 was 2 months and 26 days before the Super Bowl.
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93
The date numerology was 114. Her date of death was 11/4.
11/4 was 12 weeks and 3 days before 1/30/1983.
November 4th was also a span of 88 days before the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl 17 was held in Pasadena, California. Pasadena is a city in LA county. Dominique Dunne was living in Hollywood, which is in LA, at the time of her death. California=88

Now, here's where things get really interesting.

There was an NFL strike in 1982. The strike lasted 57 days. NFL Strike=57 Scottish Rite=57 The Scottish Rite headquarters is located in Washington DC. In days and weeks, 57 days would be 8 weeks and 1 day. The Redskins record was 8-1 that year. What are the odds?

The strike began on September 21st and ended on November 16th. She died on 11/4. NFL Strike=114
11/4 was the 45th day of the strike. 45 is the 9th triangular number. The regular season was shortened to 9 games because of the strike.
 Her funeral was on 11/6, the 47th day of the strike. The Freemason logo is set at 47 degrees based on the 47th problem of Euclid on how to establish foundation. 11/6 is also 9/11 upside down.  Again, what are the odds?

Heather O' Rourke died on February 1, 1988. She got sick the day before which was the day the Redskins "won" their second Super Bowl.
She died in a children's hospital in San Diego. Super Bowl XXII or 22 was played in San Diego. She died in 88. California=88

Dominique Dunne died a span of 88 days before the Super Bowl. Heather O' Rourke died in 88.
Heather O' Rourke died the day after Super Bowl 22. Dominique Dunne died when she was 22.
The inserted picture above shows a poster of a football player wearing the colors burgundy & gold. Those are the Redskins' team colors.
Also, you can clearly see a year at the very top. The year says 1988. Right underneath that, it says Super Bowl XXII which are the Roman numbers for 22. Another clear case of predictive programming. Next time you watch Poltergeist, watch out for this scene in the movie. It comes in around the fifteen minute mark.
Watch this scene from Poltergeist. Notice how Dominique Dunne is positioned right behind Heather O' Rourke the whole time. It's a "funeral scene" which makes the mocking even more evident.

I think I've just obliterated the whole "Poltergeist curse" BS with this one post. Their deaths were scripted and planned out long before either one of them was ever affiliated with the movie. The so-called "Poltergeist curse" is and always has been a  PSYOP. That narrative was intentionally put out there by the sadistic tyrants(Zionists, Freemasons, Illuminati, whatever you want to call them) that rule this world to distract us from the real truth. People, please wake up!




Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Death of Heather O' Rourke by the Numbers

First, let’s take a look at Heather’s full name.
Heather Michele O’Rourke=223
 Synagogue of Satan=223   Masonic=223
Heather=34 & 38
Murder=34 & 38
Killing=38, 74  & 115   Masonic=74 & 115  Jewish=74
O’ Rourke=103 103 is the 27th prime number.
Heather O’Rourke=78
Scottish Rite=78
78 is the 11th triangular number.
 Her date of birth: 12/27/1975   1+2+2+7+1+9+7+5=34 
February 1st 1988 was the day she died. 2+1+88=91
91 is the 13th triangular number.
February 1st is a span of 37 days after her 12th birthday. 37 is the 12th prime number.
From February 1st 1988 to December 27, 1988 (which would have been her 13th birthday) is a  duration of 330 days. The famous number 33 again.
The hospital responsible for the “misdiagnosis” that caused Heather’s death was the Kaiser Foundation.
Kaiser Foundation=74
The medicine she was prescribed to treat her Crohn’s Disease was Prednisone.
Star of David=119
All Seeing Eye=119
Crohn’s Disease=58, 77, & 139
Freemasonry=58 & 77
Secret Society=58 & 77
Zionism=77 Judaism=77
She was said to have died from cardiac arrest due to septic shock from congenital stenosis.
Cardiac Arrest=96 
Septic Shock=61 & 47
Time=61 & 47
Congenital Stenosis=76
She died in Lakeside, California. Lakeside=144 in the Jewish cipher.
144 is the square root of 12. Remember, she was 12 when she died.
California=88 She died in 88. Masonic Ritual=88   Poison=88

From this it's safe to say her death was no accident, and certainly not due to a "misdiagnosis".







Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Death of Dominique Dunne by the numbers

Gematria of her last name.  Dunne=58 Secret Society=58
Her birth date: 11/23/1959   11+23+1+9+5+9=58   Freemasonry=58 Secret Society=58
11+23+19+59=112 Circle=112 Remember, the rings of Saturn form a circle.
She died in the hospital on November 4th. That is a span of 58 days left in the year.
She was also born in 59. Freemasonry=59 59 is the 17th prime. Kill=17 Talmud=17

Dunne also sums to 77 & 22. Power=77, 22, & 58 Secret Society=77 Judaism=77 Zionist=77

The high school that she attended has interesting Gematria.
 Fountain Valley High School=119, 115
All Seeing Eye=119   Star of David=119   Orthodox=119

 Her ex-boyfriend who physically abused her was said to have killed her.
Domestic Abuse=46
Dominique=46 & 107   Sacrifice=46
Ritual Sacrifice=107

Her cause of death was strangulation.
81 is the 18th prime number.
Eighteen=46 & 73
Sacrifice=46 & 73

D=4 D=4  44   Kill=44

Dominique Dunne=69
She died a span of 347 days after her birthday. 347 is the 69th prime number. Illuminati=69 Saturn=69

Dominique Dunne=213
213 is the area code for West Hollywood. That was where she lived when she was killed.
Death=213 (Satanic)

Her date of birth 11/23/59= 93
Dominique Ellen Dunne (her full name)=93 Saturn=93
Sweeney (her killer’s last name)=93

Sweeney was said to have strangled her to death.
Strangle=96 Freemason=96
Dominique Ellen Dunne=96

John Sweeney=53 & 46
Dominique=53 & 46

David Packer’s birth date numerology (her friend she was with the night she was killed)
8/25/1962    8+2+5+19+62=96  

She was 22 when she died. She and David Packer were rehearsing scenes from V (the mini-series) at her home the night she was attacked. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.

She died on November 4th, the 308th day of the year. 308 can be a 38 in numerology.
She was also born on November 23rd. Leaves 38 days in the year.

There was also predictive programming encoded in to this. In her very first role she played a hitchhiker who was severely beaten.

  In another role, she played a teenager who was trying to figure out who was responsible for "haunting" the house her father owned. A magician in the show played a card trick with her. The one where you pick a card out of the deck and have to memorize what it is before putting it back in. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the card she picked out was the 4 of Spades. Remember, she died on the 4th. A spade is a shovel. Shovels are used to dig graves.

 In an episode of CHIPs, she was riding with a womanizer in the car. At one point, he grabbed her by the hair. That was also something that Sweeney was supposed to have done to her. Except this episode was filmed about a month or two before it happened in real life.

  In Hart to Hart, she was being held prisoner by a crooked sheriff who was going to kill her and frame her boyfriend. The sheriff said "killed by her boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage". That was exactly what the narrative reported why this guy killed her. That Hart to Hart episode aired on March 30,1982. That date is written 30/3 internationally. The night DD was strangled was October 30th. That is the 303rd day of the year. It's also a 33.

 In her last role, in Hill Street Blues, she played a teenage mom who was beaten up by her mom (child abuse). According to what was reported, those bruises she had in the episode were real from Sweeney beating her up the night before. That episode was filmed 33 days before she was put in the coma. It was filmed on 9/27/1982. That is a date of 38 numerology. The HSB episode was the 8th episode of the 3rd season. 

In the very last scene of Poltergeist, the camera moves down a few doors at the hotel the family goes to. When the camera begins to move away, it stops right at the room numbered 213, the number of death. Poltergeist was released on June 4th. That was a span of 22 weeks before she was murdered. She was 22 when she died. It was also 153 days. 153 is the 17th triangular number. 

Going back to 33. Abuse=33
Strangle=33 & 96
Sweeney=33 & 96
October Thirtieth=93

Domestic Violence=74, 88, & 1123 (Jewish Cipher)
Jewish=74 & 88
Masonic Ritual=88
1123 was her birthday.

Sweeney was said to be 26 when he did this.

If he did kill her, I"m thinking he may have been under mind control. Either MK Ultra or something else. According to what we were told, he witnessed his dad beating up his mom when he was a kid. If that's true, that means he obviously had mental and emotional issues. That would have made him a ripe target for mind control.
  Below, you'll see the dates he was supposed to have attacked her are too perfectly aligned to be random acts of violence. In my opinion, he was mind controlled to attack her on those dates.

It’s said that he was from Hazleton, PA. Hazleton=101
101 is the 26th prime number.

PA is also known as the Keystone state. Keystone=33 & 39
Masonry=33 & 39, & 105

Sweeney was also said to be a chef. Chef=22   Dunne=22   

Dominique Dunne was said to be 5'1" and 112 lbs.  when she died.
112 is the alternate dialing code for 911.

The Judge who presided over the trial was Burton S Katz.
Burton S Katz=167
167 is the 39th Prime number.     Masonry=39
His initials were B & K. The 2nd and 11th letter. That looks like a 211. 211 is the 47th prime. Judge=47
Katz=58, 23, & 611(Jewish Cipher)

The attorney for Mr. Sweeney was Michael Adelson.
Michael=33, 39 &  51
Masonry=33 & 39
Michael Adelson=77, & 611(Satanic Cipher)
Zionist=77 Judaism=77

The woman that testified against Sweeney was named Lillian Pierce. Sweeney was said to have abused her before he met Ms. Dunne.
Lillian=33, 48, & 69

Lillian Pierce=226 
Lillian Pierce=119 in the Jewish Ordinal
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93 The number of Saturn
John Thomas Sweeney=226 in the Jewish Ordinal

I could put down all the people involved with the trial, but you would just keep seeing the same numbers again and again. This makes me think the "trial" was nothing but a theater show.

 The trial ended on September 21, 1983 9+2+1+1+9+8+3=33

The Jail Sweeney was held in was in Susanville, California. Susanville=136
136 is the 16th triangular number.
Sixteen=33, 96. & 93
Sweeney=33, 96, & 93
Dominique Ellen Dunne= 96, 93, & 75
John Thomas Sweeney=96 & 93, & 75
New World Order=75
Order out of Chaos=75

Strangely enough, I found that the dates Sweeney attacked Dominique Dunne were all synched up with her dad's birthday. She was strangled the day after her dad's 57th birthday.
Conspiracy=57 Scottish Rite=57

August 27th was the first time she was “attacked”. The 239th day of the year. 239 is the 52nd prime. NWO=52. That was a span of 64 days before her dad’s birthday. Dominick Dunne=64 Scottish Rite=64 in the Septenary. It was also 64 days before Oct. 30th which was when she was put in the coma. August 27th  was also 2 months 27 days before her birthday, just like Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 

 The second time she was attacked by Sweeney was September 26th & 27th. That was when Yom Kippur started in 1982, which is the most sacred holiday on the Jewish Calendar. The 26th is the 269th day of the year. 269 the 57th prime. 33 days before her dad’s 57th birthday. The day she died, Nov. 4th., leaves 57 days in the year. 

 The 27th was also the Jesuit Order’s birthday. Dominick John Dunne=84 Jesuit=84. The 27th was also 33 days before Oct 30th. It was also 1 month 27 days before her birthday just like Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It was also 57 days before her birthday. So, it was a span of 33 days before her dad's 57th birthday, and 57 days before hers. 

She wasn't attacked on September 27th, but that was when it was said she filmed the Hill Street Blues episode. As I said earlier, that was where the bruises on her face were said to be real. 

9/27/1982 also had 137 numerology. 137 is the 33rd prime. A span of 33 days before her dad's birthday and 33 days before October 30th. 

It also had 119 numerology or 911 backwards. How fitting that she was a guest star on a police show on that date. 

It was also 52 days before the episode aired. NWO=52 

It aired on November 18th. That is the 322nd day of the year. That's the skull & bones number.  Also 223 backwards. 

Also, I'm not implying her dad was a Jesuit. In reality, I don't know if he was or not. I just found it interesting that the Jesuit Order's birthday was a part of the ritual, and his full name summed to 84 just like Jesuit. I can confirm one of his relatives was a Jesuit, and he was Catholic. 

It's a strong possibility she was sacrificed for her dad. 

For some interesting connections to 9/11. 

The car that she drove was a 68 Volkswagen Bug. 68 was a very special year for the  Masons because that was when construction began on the World Trade Center. As we all know, 33 years later 9/11 happened. Also, 68 was when 911 was made the emergency dialing code.
   Her dad was supposedly in New York the night she was strangled. The New York Jets won their first and only Super Bowl appearance in 68. The New York Jets lost in the AFC Championship in the 82 season. Jets were supposed to have hit the WTC towers on 9/11.        
Her debut was in 79. 79 is the 22nd prime number. She was 19. She died at the age of 22, 19 days before what was said to be her next birthday. Also, 79 was 22 years before 9/11. It aired in September 79, around 22 years exactly before 9/11. There were “supposedly” 19 hijackers on 9/11. 97 is the reflection of 79. 97 is the 25th prime number. Death=25   From the date she died to 9/11 was 226 months. February 26th was when the "first" WTC bombing happened in 93.        

Saturday, February 24, 2018

First Post

  Hi Everyone!

  Welcome to my blog where I will be decoding the Elites agenda, and how they use numbers and words to fulfill this agenda.

     I would like to thank Zachary K Hubbard for introducing me to this knowledge as I would never have known about it if it was not for him. He has inspired me to do my own work, as I know he has inspired many others.